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Embracing Joy: The Transformative Power of Women Working From Home

In a world that often demands a trade-off between career and personal life, the rise of remote work has emerged as a game-changer, especially for women.

Women working from home to not just earn money online but generate income from a legitimate side hustle or business is just one example of of how women are taking back their power, especially from the darker aspects of real life issues such as domestic violence, teen pregnancy, or even drug addiction.

As someone who cherished the ritual of dressing up, commuting to work, and collaborating with colleagues on shared goals, the transition to working from home initially seemed like a leap into the unknown.

I can also report firmly that leaping into the wild-wild west of the internet to generate income or better yet create a full time income stream is terrifying. Especially for a single mom like me who had a few ideas about what I would like to do to generate extra money but no real idea of how to get started.

Originally, I was considering something a little more main stream like managing rental properties as a second job and reliable source to gain a cash advantage.

I quickly realized (after reading the fine print) that property management companies require investments of time money and skill I just didn't have.

Thats when I turned quickly to the internet and learned about several money making ideas that presented themselves as passive income. These included things like creating a blog or youtube channel, online surveys, building affiliate networks, dabbling in the stock market, freelance jobs, e book writing, creating digital products, designing sponsored content to promote products and even selling t shirts.

It was a lot to sort through and a lot to learn to really establish where my own skill sets applied in the online realm. However, speaking from direct experience, I can confidently assert that the shift into the online realm has led to an overall surge in joy and a life long expansion every day that I dive deeper into making money online.

Embracing Change: A Personal Journey

Several years into the realm of 100% remote work, the prospect of reverting to the conventional office setup evokes a sense of dread for me. The catalyst for this sharp shift stems from a profound realization........the work I loved was undoubtedly fulfilling, but it came at the cost of precious moments at home, moments that are irreplaceable.

Missing these moments, moments that you dream of your whole life is what makes statements like " earn passive income" and "make money online" replace statements like, " real estate investment trusts" and "rental income" that require you to be away from home and the family you dreamed of for so least.....thats how I felt.

According to Axios, a notable 52% of women express their enjoyment of working remotely and their willingness to continue doing so in the long term.

This statistic mirrors my sentiments precisely. As I recognized that the cyclical nature of my workplace, with its repetitive goals and events, was in stark contrast to the fleeting nature of my children's childhoods, there was no room for a do-over, and the choice became clear.

Balancing Act: The Best of Both Worlds

Forbes highlights a remarkable finding – the ability to work from home amplifies employee happiness by up to 20%. This increased job satisfaction translates into elevated overall life happiness, a crucial metric given the substantial portion of our lives dedicated to work. The decision to embrace remote work has, unequivocally, been a pivotal factor in enhancing my well-being across various facets of life.

When I dove into my work from home journey it was important that I found an opportunity that did not require much upfront investment if any. I was still in my full time job but knew when I took the official plunge I would only have my savings account to rely on. I also realized I would be responsible for things like insurance and retirement.

Starting your own business model means no one is taking care of the dividend stocks, corporate bonds, interest rates, earned income, individual stocks and minimum balance that was all part of my package as an employee.

By taking the plunge into 100% remote work, I discovered a harmonious blend of professional and personal life as well as what I like to consider a second language, which is what I call all that I have learned about investing and building retirement independently of a corporate entity.

My growing online role has become vital to my online colleagues while I remain vital to my family, yet the flexibility of working from home has allowed me to seamlessly transition between work and domestic responsibilities.

I won't pretend that it doesn't require a quick transition when you work and live out of one house. Sometimes I refer to that balance as both the humorous and darker aspects of building an online company. However, the ability to carve out personal time multiple times a day for rejuvenation (which in my house looks like an hour walk outside when its warm or time on the treadmill when its cold) has become an invaluable asset, benefiting not only myself but also positively impacting my company and family life.

Work-Life Harmony: A Resounding Success

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that 36% of women acknowledge experiencing a better work-life balance, allowing for more consistent presence with loved ones.

This rings true in my own experience – working from home has shattered the notion of having to choose between professional aspirations and personal priorities. Instead, it's empowered me to embrace the best of both worlds.

I have gone from making extra cash to making an extra income to the ability to generate more funds than I did in my traditional job through the opportunity to see my passive income ideas thrive in a community of people that was previously outside by reach due to simple geographic restriction.

The shift to women working from home is not merely a change in workspace; it's a transformative journey towards joy, balance, and fulfillment. As the world continues to evolve, remote work stands as a testament to the possibilities that emerge when we challenge traditional norms, providing women with the opportunity to truly have it all.

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