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How I Make $5K/Month From Facebook Groups/ Passive Extra Income-For Stay At Home Moms

Over the last year, I've been consistently making up to $5,000 a month in passive online income as a stay-at-home mom using free Facebook groups. If you are trying to figure out how to make money online and be up and running in just a few weeks, as well as, make more money without more work in the long run while taking advantage of major savings, this blog is for you.

Now before you ask, no, I'm not getting paid directly by Facebook. I'm using their free groups as a strategy that allows me to attract thousands of people for a very low cost and give them value in exchange for a reasonable price resulting in a win-win situation for us both.

And the best part is, it requires very little money to start (you're definitely not going to need a business loan), you don't need to be a business or marketing expert (thank God) and it doesn't take much time to build and get started-which is perfect for a single stay- at-home mom like me.

As a mother of two young sons, finding a low demand job that gives me the flexibility to balance time with my boys and the need to generate funds to cover expenses was proving to be harder than I thought. I needed a way to make money online that allowed me to be 100% present for my family and preferably be the owner of my own company.

Not just extra money and nothing with a ton of fine print. (And to the ladies who might be starting over because of a domestic violence situation or starting later in life because of a teen pregnancy, this method will put you directly on your feet and ready for the next phase of life.)

I'm going to show you how to actually make passive online income and earn money daily as a stay-at-home mom using Facebook groups and exactly what the strategy I use is. Im going to let you in on the humorous and darker aspects of managing a social media account for profit.

I will also go over how you can use it yourself to do the same thing I'm doing in just a couple months without the need for a bachelor's degree, a fancy blog or youtube channel.

-So how do you even make money from Facebook groups?

-Aren't they free?

-How does that even work?

So just to reiterate, I am not making money from Facebook directly but the reason I've been able to make a sustainable income for myself is because of how I'm using the group method.

You see, one of the most powerful aspects of social media is that they allow everyday people like you and me to build communities and platforms and when you have an active and engaged community that provides value to people and encourages them to keep participating daily in that community, that's something you can absolutely start a business from.

And if your group is showing enough value to enough people it'll drive traffic to itself allowing you to make and save cash daily and receive monthly payments from businesses who look at your platform and website as a major opportunity for themselves.

For example, you could start a marketplace (like mine), sell a product or service or you could even implement a paid membership model when there's enough value for members to actually want to pay for access.

And no, there's nothing wrong with monetizing a Facebook group. Im sure you have heard plenty of feedback from Wendy, Andy, Jill, Adam, Tammy, Emily, Bonnie, Christy, your sons ex girlfriend who he only went on a first date with who now lives in the women's prison and maybe even your parents who say things like, "you can't charge for that!" "Facebook is fee!".

As you are building out your group, you need to consider just how much value you're offering people who are making a considerable amount of money online from your group and ask yourself......"is this causing me time away from my family, job or things I enjoy?", "Is this becoming a second job rather than a hobby?"

If you can answer yes to the questions above, you should be charging for your services.

Just because the group itself is free to start doesn't mean you can't provide value to people in a way that they're happy and willing to pay for. For example, lots of people use Instagram pages or Reddit posts to market their products or services or to help other people do the same.

You are offering those same people a controlled and tested way to spend less while gaining more interest through ads they can track the progress of in a targeted, proven group of local buyers.

Even your dad with a back injury, on pain medication, fresh out of an aa meeting who hates your biological mother and spends too much time being hyper focused on marjorie's nephew who is a recovering addict couldn't argue with that kind of value.

So the real way I make money from Facebook groups isn't by getting paid by Facebook but by using the free platform as a way to attract and build a community where I then provide thousands of people with value daily.

As the group grows, I can find different creative ways to continue to monetize it that have a direct benefit on group members and allows them to make utilizing the group regularly one of the easiest ways to make money for themselves, or even turn their interaction in the group into one of the best part time or even full time jobs they have ever had.

Now before I explain how I'm making $5,000 a month of mostly passive income from my Facebook group, I want to show you the truth behind passive income and why it's not what most people think it is.

So, what does passive income actually even mean and what do I mean when I say that most people are being fooled by it.

You see, most people have been convinced that passive income is this magical income stream that'll generate money every month without doing any work at all. In reality, this is usually far from being the case.

First of all, there's often a price to passive income.

Either you need to put up a lot of money upfront so that your investments can generate you a return, or you need to put in lots of time and effort to build a business or system that's able to make you money consistently without your constant involvement.

But even then, while you can make money in a way that is separate from your time, you don't need a a degree from a reputable law school to figure out that in reality there's no such thing as a 100% passive income.

For example, a business that operates without you still needs you to check in and make sure things are running smoothly from time to time even if that item is a downloadable e book or a print your own t shirts shop.

An investment portfolio of dividend stocks will require you to check on the stocks to make sure they're still doing well . And in the case of using Facebook groups to make passive income while you don't need much money up front, you do need to put in time and effort to avoid the real life issues that could come from relying on companies you are considering "passive income" that you have not paid any attention to or done any hiring for.

The reason I'm able to make money consistently is because I've actually built a real business that runs on its own and I did have to put in some time and effort to initially make that happen. Now you might be thinking, this is starting to sound really complicated with building a business and everything but the great thing about this business is that:

1. It's quick to set up (taking two to three weeks on average)

2. It's cheap to start, requiring little or no money upfront and

3. It's easy to manage requiring only one to two hours a day initially until you can build the system and let it run on its own.

So how am I actually making passive income from the Facebook groups every single month?

Well, let's revisit how we actually make money from free platforms like Facebook.

1. We first attract a group or community by offering them value through giving them an organized platform to give and receive value with other members.

2. Then, when the group has become valuable enough to a large group of people, we can monetize that group through a number of ways, in this case here's exactly how I'm doing that:

I'm running a local online sales group in a dollar action format where myself and others sell items we have around the house, purchased through retailer wholesale or created through a small business.

Starting bids are just $1 and believe me, just because the bids start at a dollar does not mean that's where they end.

In fact, I've seen items sell for more than even their retail value in some cases if it is an item that gains a high degree of interest from paid and non paid members. Even in this instance, winners consider the item a great deal and sellers get a daily fist-full of cash for each item sold.

Okay so how am I monetizing Facebook in a way that actually works?

Let's talk about how to add in passive income streams to increase monthly profits.

 So how do I actually make my passive income from my auction group?

Since buying and selling products isn't going to work for making money passively we need a different way of monetizing the group that doesn't require my time and energy.

In this case, the way I discovered this strategy was realizing that there were certain people who used the group far more than others. In my case, I always have more buyers than sellers and they were selling up to dozens items per day or more. Most items were things they had around the house or event items they paid a small fee for from a local retailer or wholesale website.

Since I was the one who created the group and allowed these people to make so much money off of it I decided it would only be fair if I received a small piece of the value in exchange for what I was helping other members to do, as well as, the time I spend making sure the environment allowed for daily great deals on high demand products and generate an income for members.

That's what led me to develop a third income stream: Memberships.

People pay me a monthly membership fee to post multiple items in my group every day and for me to be a moderator so their selling experience runs smooth. I set this up using a subscription option in PayPal to avoid the hassle of people having to remember to pay every month. Instead, their payment auto triggers unless they cancel.

But memberships aren't the only way to make passive income from dollar auctions or take advantage of the opportunity to make cash quickly.

 I also have several local small businesses who view my group as a targeted group of local buyers and want to advertise their business. Essentially, my group is the new building owner and the small businesses have set up shop to sell on their virtual shelves in the form of daily auctions.

They pay a higher monthly fee to advertise their sales and build rapport with local buyers but have found that is a small price to pay to make their job of selling so much easier.

Now even though you have ways to monetize it you'll still need to focus on the number one thing which is being able to attract thousands of people to your group without breaking the bank.

If you want to learn how to do that I've actually created a step-by-step guide on how to start grow and monetize your own dollar Auction Group in just a couple of weeks. Click here to check it out.



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