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Take the Official
$1 Auction Training

Are you ready to make money with the Dollar Auction Nation?


This business-in-a-box style auction offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Generate daily income

  • Learn strategies to make $1000 your opening week and

  • Kick off 4 STREAMS OF INCOME from one Facebook Group!


Join the Dollar Auction Nation and start your journey to financial freedom today with all of the tools and resources you need to grow your online auction business!



  • Get paid to manage a Facebook Group!

  • This is the future of yard sales and online sale groups!

  • You don't have to sell anything to make money daily!


What's Included

  • Full 8 part course showing you step-by-step how to set up, launch, monetize and grow a local online $1 Auction on Facebook.

  • 1 FREE Swag Item every three months you are a patron. Keep your item for yourself or use it as a giveaway in your auction!

  • Done for you items to grow your $1 Auction and keep it pushing forward when you're busy or just don't feel like it.

  • Weekly LIVE tips to increase your auction success, manage a successful online sale group, bring on sponsors, grow your group and add layers of monetization.

  • 4 streams of online income to build out of your auction.

  • Types of $1 Auction offshoots that do well and create an additional stream of income to add to your collection.

What's Else You Can Expect:

  • Video tutorials & lessons

  • Exclusive content

  • Behind-the-scenes content

  • Digital downloads

  • Livestreams

  • Complete post archive (Video Library)

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Business set up is not for everyone. If you would like me to set up your auction and get it moving forward I am happy to help! 


  • Full $1 Auction Nation Facebook Group set up, including rules, entry questions, branding for your location and monthly subscription/marketing and subscription price setting. 

  •  A fully branded payment and Ad's website including set up and connection of your PayPal subscriptions link. (website platform and hosting not included)

  • All hands on deck Opening Week Launch to get your auction up and running!

  • One month of group management. 

  • 2 Coaching sessions to answer all of your questions. 

  • 1 month access to exclusive trainings to catapult your auctions success!

This option is available for a flat fee of $375. 

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