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Skyrocket Your Product Based Business Sales Globally with the $1 Auction Method!

People often ask me it it's possible to run a $1 auction outside of their local area. While I typically would not recommend doing so, there is one group of people for whom creating, managing and monetizing a $1 auction FREE on Facebook with a global membership would be an absolute game changer. That group is product based small business owners!

Creating a specialized, niche $1 auction group for a specific product base will allow for a $1 auction to move from local to global in order to locate sellers who are selling similar or complimentary products to a group of loyal buyers.


Business: Crystals, Crystals, Crystals

What do they sell: Stones and crystals in various shapes

Goal: Sell more stones and crystals on an ongoing bases, find loyal buyers, increase profits and build a stone/crystal community.


  • Start an online $1 auction free on Facebook that auctions stones and crystals ONLY to interested buyers.

  • Attract buyers and sellers globally

  • Charge a monthly fee for all members

  • Charge a monthly fee for others to sell stones, crystals and related items in your group.

  • Seek group sponsors who will pay a monthly fee to advertise

  • Offer local pick and establish a flat shipping rate to send items to non-local winners.

CLICK HERE to take the $1 Auction Training and use the $1 auction method to your benefit!

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