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The 2 MAJOR Things You Can do to Get New $1 Auction Group Members on a Daily Basis

Marketing your $1 Auction Facebook Group is a very important part of managing a successful $1 Auction but can become very expensive if you rely on costly ads exclusively.

There are 2 very specific things you can do for very minimal or no cost that will skyrocket your membership and lead to new members daily, if you make them a priory.

1. FOLLOW THE RULE OF YES! - Always remember that the $1 auction you are building exists for your success AND THE SUCCESS OF ALL OF THOSE ATTACHED TO IT. As your auction grows you will hear feedback from buyers and sellers that you will need to pay attention to if you want to continue being on a track towards success. If a group member is suggesting an opportunity, work around or idea that will make the group work better for everyone involved, implement it for the success of all. People will feel comfortable inviting friends and family to join a group they love, trust and succeed in.

2. INCENTIVES- Select incentives to offer group members to encourage invites that you know your group members would be interested in. My $1 auction is a general auction so the incentives I use are general incentives that any human being could use. For example I often giveaway Pizza, Visa gift cards, gas cards, etc. If your group is more niche, think about which incentives will motivate your group members so the end result is always a win-win.

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