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Starting a Local $1 Auction VS. Selling on eBay

Whether you're a passive seller or professional reseller, not doubt eBay has been at minimum one sales tool you have used or are using currently to move products.

From the $1 Auction Managers who are also major sellers and have sold on eBay for years before starting a $1 Auction, I have collected the following feedback:

Question Asked: What are the benefits of starting/selling on a local $1 auction VS. eBay?

  1. No Shipping: 97% of those surveyed said shipping is becoming more and more of an expensive drawback to making sales on eBay and often contributes to the loss of a sale, profit, or both. Shipping on a local $1 Auction is nonexistent because the item winners pick up the items they win making all money collected, profit.

  2. Daily Sales: It's not uncommon to post an item amongst competitors after careful research and have your item sit on eBay for weeks without selling. Posting items in the $1 Auction sets a 48 hour limit on the sale rotation to a constantly growing group of proven local buyers.

  3. No Scammers: eBay, just like all other platforms is riddled with scammers. Managing a local $1 Auction gives you the opportunity to ban scam accounts and remove anyone who is unwilling or unable to follow the group rules leading to a targeted audience of buyers and sellers.

  4. Possibility of Higher Prices and Personal Shopping: Most items in the $1 Auction sell for well over $1. Giving people the chance to bid against each other in such a tight window (48 hours) often leads to a quick bid response or even a bidding war and a high pick up price (sometimes even higher then retail). While eBay does offer an auction option it's not uncommon to find a bot bidding on your item or to get caught up in the waiting game if you have to file a complaint. Once you identify what your buyers want you can personal shop as you come across items they might need and set the price.

  5. Porch Pick Ups: Imagine selling $200 worth of items over the past 48 hours, setting up your porch pick up tote and money collection envelope to allow people to drop by to pick up. At the end of the day, you collect $200 from your payment envelope. It really is just that simple. Your $1 Auction will work like a well oiled machine if organized and managed correctly.

  6. Additional Income Streams: Selling items on eBay makes you a seller. Starting a local $1 Auction opens your profit potential up to at least 4 streams of income to include:

- Daily Sales

- Membership Fees

- Advertisment/Marketing

- Small business customers

- Auction offshoots

7. Market Research: If you want to know what is selling like hot cakes in your local area there is no place greater then within your local $1 Auction. The more refined your group, the greater it will be as a local target group of proven buyers.

Of course, as with anything, there are also cons associated with managing and selling on a local $1 Auction. The overriding complaint received from the group surveyed is no shows.

Winners have 48 hours to pick up an item after winning, that does not mean they always will. Unlike eBay, however, a $1 Auction manager has immediate recourse with the ability to suspend and remove members who are consistently not following the rules.

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