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Starting a Local $1 Auction is the Perfect Passive Income Stream and Money Saver for Moms

You don't have to have items to sell to start, manage and monetize a successful local $1 Auction.

I started my $1 auction because I needed a cost effective venue to find new or very gently used clothes for two growing boys on an ongoing basis.

I knew, based on my own experiences, that it was not uncommon for kids to grow out of clothes before having a chance to wear them and knew other moms were experiencing the same issue.

From the day my $1 auction opened (a little over a year ago), I have sold around 20 items all-together but have been purchasing brand new or barely used name brand clothes for my kids from members of my community for a fraction of the cost of these items online or in stores and made some great new friends along the way.

Getting to know some of the regular sellers on my auction and developing those relationships has even lead to me getting first dibs on products sellers get in before they place them on the auction because they are aware of what I am often in the market for.

Because being a group admin. for a $1 auction is work, I have also been able to collect membership fees from those selling on my auction to offset the time spent and generate a passive stream of ongoing income.

Kids clothes for a great price + Passive Income = A WIN-WIN SCENARIO

CLICK HERE to take the $1 Auction Training and be well on your way to passive income and savings!

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