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Pre-Sale Your Garage Sale! Make $1000/More with the $1 Auction Method

Garage sales are time consuming to produce and often leave you with little profit for your efforts.

What if I told you there is a way to pre-sale your garage sale on an ongoing basis, maximize your profits and advertise your sale for maximum attendance all FREE ON FACEBOOK!

Setting up a local $1 auction is the most efficient and cost effective way to bring attention to items you are selling and advertise a garage sale to eager local buyers.

Pre-selling your yard sale on your $1 auction guarantees you hit your profit goals and declutter rapidly. Here's how:

1. Post items that could get the highest profits in your $1 auction to avoid hagglers. You may have items you know you have to get rid of but are nervous about getting a low amount. The bigger your $1 auction, the better chance of you getting a higher price for the item you post. People are used to haggling at garage sales and assume you will take a low price because the bottom line is you don't want to have to haul the item back in if it doesn't sell. Posting on your $1 auction makes it a final sale and the beauty part is, the buyer will still be responsible for pick up.

2. Plan pick ups to take place during your garage sale. If you plan for auction items to be picked up during your garage sale you stand to make additional sales from those who have already purchased from you.Chances are, when they drop by to pick up, they will have a look around.

3. Advertise your sale in PM's to your winners/bidders and as an event/sale ad. to the entire group. When planning pick up with winners you can also let them know you will have a garage sale the day they are picking up to prompt them to bring along extra cash. You can also let the people who bid on your items know in a PM that you are grateful for their bid and give a few details about what will be available at your garage sale. In order to alert the entire group of your sale be sure to

4. Encourage other sellers in your auction. Encouraging other sellers to sell on your auction also encourages other buyers to buy on your auction. Using the $1 auction method is the only method in which adding what could be considered competition for your sales will actually cause the opposite effect.

5. Membership Fees. When you allow others to sell on your group, especially if that group is growing, you can implement membership fees that will become an ongoing stream of passive income for you between garage sales. Instead of taking anything that didn't sell to your local Goodwill, post it individually or in groups on your $1 auction to make additional sales, increase your overall income and continue to declutter throughout the year.

If you want to learn more about setting up your own local $1 Auction check out my training

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