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How I Make $5k a Month in Passive Income As A Stay At Home Mom

About three years ago, I found myself facing the daunting reality of single motherhood. Divorce brought with it a myriad of challenges, especially financially. As a single mom of two boys, I knew I needed to find a way to generate extra income, and fast.

The problem was, traditional avenues that included a long commute, a full time job with long hours, manual labor, jobs that require a quota to sell products/promote products or you don't get a pay check and the various other factors we all have to consider when it comes down to raising a family and having the money to take care of a family were simply not feasible for me.

I wanted to be there for my boys every step of the way without sacrificing precious time with them and I also wanted to use the bachelor's degree and master's degree I had spent so much time and money to get without the time consuming effort of making someone else rich while my family suffered.

The Search for a Solution

Desperation often breeds innovation, and that's exactly what happened in my case.

I explored various "how to make money online, money-making schemes", from building a network with pet owners who would let me pet sit for them to trying to navigate a dropshipping business while selling items on facebook marketplace. I even tried my hand at freelance writing, becoming a survey junkie, creating ad revenue by selling google adsense and took the plunge into the realm of virtual assistants to grab as many freelance jobs as possible to try and work remotely including data entry, becoming an online tutor, testing websites, building online courses, scheduling youtube videos and even editing cat videos but nothing seemed to fit the bill.

I wanted and needed something sustainable. Something that wouldn't consume all my time, would allow me to work remotely and would be the best solution for making money online quickly.

Time: The Ultimate Challenge

As any single mom knows, time is our most precious commodity. Juggling work, household chores, and childcare leaves little room for anything else. I knew I needed a solution that would allow me to earn money without sacrificing the limited time I had with my children and make money fast.

I needed something that didn't require a huge investment from me or upfront fee to get it moving and really only required me to have an internet connection. I really didn't want to be surprised by the fine print or site's terms.

I also really didn't have the budget to invest in things like fancy photo editing software or the time to spread my skill set across many businesses, with different goals, that I would have to switch between and manage daily.

Despite having a master's degree, I found myself hitting a wall in the job market. The options available either didn't align with my qualifications or required constant relocation, which wasn't an appealing prospect. I craved stability and control over our future.

In short, I needed more control over the 24 hours I have available everyday and where my time is spent.

Breaking the Cycle

My daily routine was a relentless cycle of early mornings, hectic schedules, and late nights. It wasn't sustainable, and I knew I needed to break free from the cycle of exhaustion and financial strain. The traditional job market wasn't offering the solutions I needed, so I turned to the online world for alternatives.

I made all of the usual stops everyone else does when they begin their journey of online employment. I opened my own website, I tried to sell stock photos, I started taking online surveys, I signed up to be a stand in on pet sitting sites, I developed an online store and an online course, I managed social media accounts, I joined an agency to tutor people online, I was a virtual assistant managing hundreds of administrative tasks daily, I made and sold homemade crafts, I dove into content creation including "exclusive content" , I managed short term rentals, I turned my spare bedroom into a full time office. Anything to make money.

The Dollar Auction: A New Beginning

In my quest for online income, I stumbled upon an unconventional yet promising idea: The dollar auction.

With nothing to lose, I decided to give it a try.

Little did I know, this decision would change my life and the lives of many others in my community specifically when it comes to a consistent method to make money from home or even earn extra money online.

Building a Community

What started as a simple facebook group managed in an auction format quickly evolved into a thriving community of buyers and sellers. Along with the group evolution came the evolution of my bank account.

The dollar auction became more than just a platform for making money; it became a lifeline for many people looking for a way to make ends meet. Not just single moms like me.

From financial freedom to newfound friendships, the impact was profound. And for me, this was the ultimate remote job solution to make money I needed and even extra cash for things I wanted through the development of what became a popular, targeted, local, sales channel that became so many different things to so many different people.

Overcoming Doubts

Initially skeptical, I soon realized the potential of the dollar auction.

With just a few hours of work each day and in just a few weeks, I was able to generate a substantial income while still being present for my children. In fact, I was making more money managing the group than I had ever made at a job I was hired to do that required much more time out of my day.

The best part? It didn't require a significant financial investment to get started either. In less than an hour a day, I was posting stuff online in my auction, being paid by others who also wanted to post items to sell in my group and avoiding the hassle that comes with other online platforms and the online marketplace like long wait times and shipping costs. All while earning money daily...I am even at the point of making a little extra cash to put in a savings account.

Empowering Others

As the dollar auction gained momentum, I saw firsthand how it empowered others in similar situations to also make money for themselves and their families.

Moms like me found a way to work from home, support their families, save money on items they want and need and contribute to their communities.

Groups of women were no longer beholden to online surveys/survey sites, selling stock photos, pet sitting, an online store that gets no traction, online tutoring, becoming a virtual assistant, the tediousness and time required to test websites, earning what equates to tips to try to gain potential customers for someone else's business, getting a pittance for freelance writing and gathering a garage full of unsellable homemade crafts.

Instead, together we have rolled all of these skill sets into one platform for the benefit of each other an our individual communities.

It's inspiring to witness the positive ripple effect of a simple idea.....simple money making ideas, that is.

A New Chapter

Today, I proudly call myself a full-time dollar auction manager. It's a role that allows me to be there for my children while also making a meaningful impact in my community and make money daily.

The journey hasn't always been easy, but it's been incredibly rewarding to make money from home doing something I truly love and making an impact.

Conclusion: Paying It Forward

If you're a single mom or anyone looking for a way to make extra income without sacrificing time with your loved ones, I encourage you to explore unconventional avenues like the dollar auction. You never know where it might lead or how many lives it could change for the better. As for me, I'm grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward and help others find financial freedom and fulfillment.

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